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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
(7:23 PM) | sam k:
Welcome to The Thinkery

In Aristophanes' comedy The Clouds , Strepsiades sends his son Pheidippides to law school, hoping to use him to duck his creditors in court. Expensive as accredited schools in Athens are, Stepsiades enrolls his son at the only school he can afford, the "thinkery", where Socrates practices his immoral logic. The word may be unique to William Arrowsmith's modern translation, I don't know - but awesome nonetheless.

It's an homage, not a declaration of Socratic levels of quality.

Stephen is currently the only contributor to the Thinkery. He is a seminary graduate, former pastor, former dormitory director for a private Christian university and visiting lecturer in English for a sister university in Korea, at which school he also served the English and Theology faculties as editor for academic papers and presentations. Stephen also worked for the headquarters of an Evangelical Christian denomination in the General Secretary's office, which placed him in the denominational archives, assisting in setting up the denomination's quadrennial general meeting, and even giving tours of the headquarters buildings. Yes, people would take detours on their trips or even make a special trip in order to see "where it all happened." It was hard to keep a straight face.

Religion and politics inspires a lot of nonsense from all sides. This is the place to cut through the nonsense.

You can email Stephen at suhyoungsun at gmail dot com. That's the name a Korean pastor gave him. If you can speak Korean, it is not a girl's name, dammit!!

The Thinkery was started by Chris Jones, scholar, musician, businessman. He has taken an indefinite leave of absence from blogging in order to hand-feed fruitflies to Heliamphora, a primitive type of pitcher plant in South America. Such a caring soul, such a commitment to this world and its wonders.

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