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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
(10:11 AM) | Stephen:
Oh Help Us

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon (warning, there is some "language" and "liberal ideas" at that blog) describes a ruling handed down by a Maryland appellate court regarding the issue of rape - specifically, is a sexual act actually rape if consent is withdrawn after penetration has occurred? Amanda, of course, has a good perspective on this, and is worth reading. For example, page 32 of the opinion is rather appalling, both that Maryland's legal tradition contains such language and that current courts are, apparently, compelled to follow it.

However, I want to bring up another point, one that is not discussed often, if at all. Specifically, did you know that laws about rape are not designed to protect women? This is, I assure you, completely true and accurate. Of all the laws on the books in all the states and our federal government, not one is designed to protect women from rape.

Rather, these laws are designed to protect everyone from rape: women, girls and boys and even men.

We undermine these laws and the idea that consent can be withdrawn at any time at our own peril.

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