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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
(9:39 AM) | Stephen:
DINKS* Make Baby Jesus Cry

You know, God did tell Adam and Eve and Noah (who was a bit of an Adam, really) to "be fruitful and multiply." And in the Hebrew Bible women who produced no children were considered cursed by God. In the Christian Scriptures, Elizabeth and Zechariah were childless and bummed about it until Gabriel let it out that they would have a son.

So in terms of Biblical encouragement, the idea that heterosexual married couples should provide proof that they can have children and should produce at least one child within 3 years of getting married makes a lot more sense than the idea that homosexuals can't enter into a purely civil union or one recognized by a branch of Christianity or another religion.

I'd be interested in a Defense of Marriage Act - Amendment, even - that made childbearing mandatory for all marriages to be considered valid. Or we could just drop the whole issue, I'm fine either way.

*Dual Income, No KidS

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