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Friday, February 16, 2007
(1:24 PM) | Stephen:
I Am Spartacus

Attempting, in my own small way, to support Shakespeare's Sister. Redqueen has t-shirts for sale at CafePress, if you need a new t-shirt. Proceeds go to Melissa, of course.

When people who are presumably upset over anti-Catholic bigotry threaten to injure and rape both Amanda and Melissa, we can be sure that something is deeply wrong in this country. One of the reasons that I'm not so hung up on bipartisanship is that Republican politicians not only know that they rely upon these sick freaks for votes, they tailor their message and policies to appeal to these sick freaks.

These are the people who are the core of Rush Limbaugh's audience, the ones that guarantee Ann Coulter will have a best-seller. They are the ground troops of the GOP, the church-going members of the Religious Right. Take a swim in the fetid swamps of the Free Republic and see how many people talk about their pastor's sermon in the same sentence where they call for the death of American citizens who disagree with their views.

In a rather large portion of this nation's church congregations, no political message will resonate unless it embodies the fear and bigotry of the people in the pews.

I could say much, much more about this, about the abuse that Amanda and Melissa have and will continue to receive from scum like Bill Donohue and his crazed followers. But as profane as the blogosphere can be, the intertubes connecting my computer to this blog would melt.

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