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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
(7:11 PM) | Stephen:
Laugh, and the World Votes With You

Mustang Bobby has a good post on the subject of the proper way to respond to the attacks of the Right Wing in this country. His prescription is to use humor.
As Jon Stewart deftly demonstrates, the way to puncture the pompous is to poke a sharp stick at their soft underbelly. . . . .[N]othing kills a fanatic faster than laughing at them and turning a bright light on their buffoonery. People like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, Frank Gaffney, and James Dobson are caricatures ripe for mockery, and mock them we shall. It must be done delicately; bullying humor doesn't work, as Ms. Coulter and Rush Limbaugh demonstrate on a daily basis. No, the approach must be the use of the rapier-like style of thrust and parry, not kick and gouge.
I'm sure it can be argued as to just what is deserving of such comedy, but Mustang Bobby's idea is notable not only for the good strategy that it is, but also for the way in which he argues against taking on the tactics of our opponents.

Good on him. It's something I hope to appropriate a little more for myself. Indeed, the lack of humor on this blog is surprising.

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