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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
(10:21 AM) | Stephen:
The Fort Dix Six

So six men have been arrested and charged with conspiring to attack Fort Dix using assault rifles. They are all foreign-born AND MUSLIM! MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLLLLIIIIMMMM!!!1!!!!11!


They were caught by a clerk at a store where the men wanted to copy a video onto a DVD. They actually aren't being charged with "terrorism crimes," which is interesting. One would think that six foreign-born MUSLIMS!!! - er, Muslims - calling for jihad on video while planning an attack on a US military installation would be charged as terrorists. And they may be as time goes on.

But I can understand the federal government's reluctance to charge them as terrorists. After all, one of Bush's stated goals for our continued occupation of Iraq is for our soldiers to serve as bait for all the terrorists in the world. Indeed, the odious Dick Morris recently said that we need to have Americans in Iraq so that
they don’t have to come to Wall Street to kill Americans. They don’t have to knock down the Trade Center. They can do it around the corner, and convenience is a big factor when you’re a terrorist.
It's somewhat funny when you consider what would happen if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama said that. But it stops being funny when you think about how these words are just a reflection of American policy: give terrorists targets (American soldiers) in Iraq so they won't come to the US.

Like everything else that George Bush has set out to do as President, this has obviously failed. Every time our government announces some foiled plot to wreak terror here in the US, it is a confession of failure for one of the central ideas people use when defending George Bush, that since 9/11 there's been no terrorist attacks on US soil. Of course, that defense completely ignores the rarity of terrorist attacks before 9/11 and also ignores right-wing Christian terrorist attacks like bombs and such at abortion clinics.

Not only has Bush's American-soldiers-as-bait strategy failed, the Fort Dix plot was not stopped by using warrantless wiretapping, cell phone or library records. Whatever prescriptions the men have received did not trigger anything in the Federal prescription medication database. None of the provisions of the Patriot Act that interfere with our Constitutional rights were employed to stop these men. None of President Bush's blatantly illegal and unconstitutional signing statements were put into effect to stop this plot. Just one person's vigilance and simple police work were needed to put these men in custody and save lives.

Just like John Kerry said, and was ridiculed for it. Bush's War grinds on and on, with no progress made, Americans dying every day, billions of dollars simply lost, even the touted new paint jobs for schools already destroyed or never actually accomplished in the first place. Millions of Iraqis displaced, less electricity, food and clean water than before the invasion, Iraqi women with far fewer rights than under Saddam Hussein, a wall being built to divide the city of Baghdad, Saudi Arabia and Iran very possibly fighting a proxy war through the Sunni and Shia populations, and on it goes. And clearly we are not safer here in the USA because of it.

If Bush and Cheney had any type of morality, they would resign. We still have almost two years of their madness to endure. How many more men and women will need to die for the sake of their pride?

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