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Monday, August 27, 2007
(10:53 AM) | Stephen:
All You Need To Know About Why Gonzo Resigned

In a comment to this post, Stuart Eugene Thiel writes:
This administration uses appointees as car owners use oil filters. They catch the sludge aimed at Bush and Cheney, and when they're full, they're replaced. That Rove and Fredo left so close together simply results from the sheer volume of accusations of White House wrongdoing.
Nothing, in all the reams and gigabytes that will be devoted to Gonzo's resignation, will describe things more succintly, clearly or completely.

The White House apparently got worried that the Dems in Congress might do something, as far-fetched as that may seem. A resignation is better than an impeachment. Right now, the Bush Administration is on the run. Let's see if our feckless and fearful Democratic "leadership" finds it in themselves to press the advantage, or if they think that Gonzo's departure will actually change anything.

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