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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
(1:07 PM) | Stephen:

The Devil's Bible has just been put on display in Prague, Czech Republic. It has 624 pages - out of an estimated 640 originally - and weighs 165 pounds. So it's a big book.

A Benedictine monk wrote it around 800 years ago, and included all of the Christian Bible, Josephus' "War of the Jews," a list of saints and the way to determine the correct date to celebrate Easter.

It's called the "Devil's Bible" because legend has it that this monk decided to write it out in only one night as a way to atone for his sins. But then he realized that writing all that out in one night would be impossible, so he asked the Devil to help him.

So let's see. He wanted to atone for his sins, so he asked Satan to help him. I'm sorry if this is rude, but that's a pretty dumb legend. It's like they weren't even trying with that one.

Anyway, it would be cool to see the book. Union Station in KC got the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, maybe they could get this too.

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