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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
(1:44 PM) | Stephen:
It Just Gets Worse

ThinkProgress has some very convincing evidence that the smear campaign against 12-year-old accident victim Graeme Frost has been orchestrated from the beginning by the office of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Think about that a moment. The Senate Minority Leader cooking up a plan to lie about a hardworking, decent family, to make it look like they were frauds and con artists. A United States Senator targeting a 12 year old boy with lies.

The rot in the Republican party runs from top to bottom. A conservative movement in this country could be valuable, even necessary. But the one we have consists of deranged, jingoistic psychopaths being manipulated by sociopathic powermongers. George Bush is wrong on this issue - wrong about the facts of it, wrong about the morality of it - and his followers in Congress are just as wrong. They're so far in the wrong that they can't even make an attempt of debating the actual issue, so they'll cheerfully invade the privacy and endanger the lives of an innocent family living and working in Baltimore.

How much of a monster can someone be that they would endanger children instead of just taking their political lumps? How antithetical to American values does the GOP need to become before people rise up and say, "enough!"

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