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Monday, December 11, 2006
(11:26 PM) | Stephen:
Embarassed by Kansas Republicans - Again

Tonight, Phill Kline was "elected" Johnson County, KS, District Attorney. I put in the scare quotes because Paul Morrison, his predecessor and successor, won his last reelection with 99.17% of the vote, 213,566 votes. He had no opponent, mainly because he did such a good job that even Democrats (back then he was a Republican) loved him. Tonight, Phill Kline got 316 votes to Steve Howe's 291.

So 25 dumbass Republican precint leaders got to choose the new District Attorney for the rest of us. They did it, obviously, to give the 65% of Johnson County voters who chose Morrison over Kline last month a big, fat middle finger. Now we all have to pay for this for the next two years, when we can kick Kline out of this office. I hope that there won't be yet another publicly funded position given to him to abuse after that. He needs to go get a real job.

I really hope and pray that Steve Howe and the rest of Morrison's team stays on. Kline is barely a lawyer at all, let alone someone who can handle himself in the courtroom. Unfortunately, being a supreme example of a worthless, lying sack of shit isn't really a quality that juries look for when deciding who presented the better, more factual case.

Did you notice how much I can't stand Phill Kline? I have my reasons, and they go further than the fact that he's now going to use the DA's office to poke around medical records and leak them to Bill O'Reilly.

Anyway, the good news is that this is a serious miscalculation on the part of Johnson County's GOP. Kansas politics has a rythm that they just threw out of whack. See, what happens is wingnuts get elected to positions based upon nice-sounding phrases and promises, then lay low for a year or so in place before launching their real agenda. Things like introducing Intelligent Design to the classroom, making Sex Ed opt-in, or gathering medical records on a fishing expedition - one that targets only certain clinics that provide quite a few abortions and not hospitals that provide lots of other services. Then the moderates in the state get fed up and kick them out. A few years later, the cycle starts again.

This year, the wingnuts got handed defeats all over the state. This should be the time for them to lay low, rebuild and then come roaring back a couple of years from now. But apparently the fact that Paul Morrison became a Democrat in order to completely massacre Kline at the polls was too much for these people to handle, and they decided to send a message.

So in two years, the Democrat/Moderate coalition in Kansas - and it is there - will have Phill Kline as their all-too-willing bogeyman we can trot out to the voters. I'd rather he just fade into well deserved obscurity, but I guess we need to work with what we've got.

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