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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
(11:52 AM) | Stephen:
Waiting For Clemons

Dear Albuquerque Tribune:

"[T]hat one post that keeps coming up about behavior [Gov. Richardson] may or may not have exhibited" was written by Steve Clemons. It has no evidence to it, nor has there been a followup - yet - from Steve mentioning either real evidence or lack of same. Given how much space he devoted to his contacts in New Mexico, I find it surprising that he hasn't been able to find out.

For that matter, I find it surprising that an Albuquerque newspaper has taken to repeating unsupported internet rumors started by someone who lives in Washington, DC. Do you not cover Governor Richardson yourselves? I don't live in New Mexico anymore, and I have a fertile imagination. Perhaps you could put me on your staff as some sort of official rumor-generator.

I have also emailed Steve Clemons about the fact that Governor Richardson, in his interview with the Tribune, he did "come out and put it to rest." Let us all waited with baited breath for Steve to now keep his commitment to "be the first to applaud and withdraw my concern. And then I'll write more about some of the fascinating (and good) wheeling and dealing that Bill Richardson has done for many Americans in real trouble."

I have also promised a followup to an earlier post on this. I don't have any confirmation one way or another. Since the burden of proof is on the ones who made the accusations, that should say something about the rumors' veracity.

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