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Monday, March 05, 2007
(5:03 PM) | Stephen:
Going On A Little Trip. . . .

Update: My wife tells me that "violent violet Vicodin viaduct" isn't particularly funny and the fact that I giggled over it for an hour makes it clear how much I needed her to come home from work early. I'll leave this post up here for posterity, since it's the closest to a drug-induced fantasy post you're likely to see on this site. By the way, I feel much better now.

Last week I had the violent vomits, something that seems to making its way around Kansas City with ruthless efficiency; my best friend's kid went to the hospital for a little while because of it. I hasten to add that almost 5 days passed between my sickness and any contact between us. A good chunk of last week was spent just trying to recover from it.

Now I seem to be in the midst of my spring sinus infection. I didn't catch it as early as I usually do. I've got one upper molar that feels like it's being slowly pulled out with rusty pliers, while behind my cheekbone there's a leaky balloon being inflated with hydrochloric acid. I'm on antibiotics and after exhausting my home's supply of both Tylenol and Advil I finally broke down and asked my excellent doctor for something stronger.

Vicodin. Which should not only take care of the pain but should also send me drifting along a slightly hallucinogenic cloud kingdom until tomorrow morning. I'm hoping by then that the antibiotics will have cleared it up enough to take away the need for sailing down the violent violet Vicodin viaduct.

Ok, it's starting now. So talking about religion in China and the post on original sin will have to wait. See ya around. And don't worry, my very levelheaded wife is on her way home to make sure our kids don't have to join me on my trip to the 1960's. huh

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