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Friday, March 16, 2007
(6:44 PM) | Stephen:
Richardson Rising

The latest strawpoll at DailyKos pegs Richardson's support at 8%. This may not seem like much, but every time Kos posts one of these, his support inches up a little more.

The main problem that Richardson has, insofar as the 'netroots' is concerned, is that people just don't know him yet. However, when they start to really hear about his record, both nationally and in New Mexico, they start to warm up to him.

As usual, though, we see that the netroots poll results are almost the complete opposite of the more scientific nationally conducted polls. Hillary Clinton has strong support among everyone but us blog readers. Edwards is the favorite because he's still seen as standing up to William Donohue, and Obama has support because he's Obama.

Bill Richardson, though, is perfectly positioned as the dark horse candidate. The National Journal calls him "everyone's favorite breakout candidate," and mentions that the GOP is quickly noticing the record of tax cuts he's put together during his tenure in NM. He's still a long shot for the nomination, but right now I'd say the list of possible VP picks runs something like this:
But what's this? The National Journal isn't done: "Still. . . the merits of the 'rumors' aside, shouldn't this story have been, er, put to bed by now?"

Ha ha. What a great pun. But it highlights the increasing damage that Richardson will take by not directly addressing this issue. Most people, especially reporters, aren't going to catch the nuances of this issue and understand that the rumors are about some crude behavior, not about infidelity. Richardson is a Latino and a Democrat. The assumption, if there are rumors about anything, is that it has to do with sleeping around. As time goes on, Richardson is going to be faced with the task of not only trying to defend against the actual rumors, but also the completely new, made-up-on-the-fly rumors as well. What has been one problem is becoming two.

So many of us netrootsy types want to like him. And we can provide boots on the ground all over the country, letters written, phone calls made, contributions made and solicited. But if we find that he's been jerking us around, we'll work just as hard against him.

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