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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
(10:18 AM) | Stephen:

My neighbor, the one directly behind my house, mows his lawn twice a week. At least. I think that perhaps he is just looking for things to do, and I certainly don't begrudge him that. However, I've always been allergic to cut grass - that is, I'm allergic to grass but if it stays whole it doesn't bother me - so quite apart from my own mowing and that of my other neighbors, I get a fair amount of sniffles and sneezes from just that neighbor.

Oh well. That's spring, I suppose. The good thing is that my neighborhood has quite a few flowering trees that are starting to bloom, which is just wonderful. My Redbud has been looking quite nice, and I've got some really nice bushes in front that always start with these wonderful yellow flowers. In fact, other than the sweet gum tree and its indestructible Seedpods of Doom, the previous owners did a great job with landscaping. I've got red and yellow prickly shrubs out front, along with a perfectly-shaped little evergreen tree and the aforementioned yellow flowers. Tulips come up without any involvement from me. That's a good thing, because I'm not very good with plants.

It's a good spring for Kansas City. We had a fairly wet winter, so the trees and flowers and lawns are all doing well (except for my Zoysia, of course, that will finally green up in a month).

There's not much of a point to this post, unless you were around me in years past when I hated Kansas City with a passion and couldn't see the good even in a row of pink and white-flowering trees. Then you'd be on your fainting couch, with your butler patting your hand while the maid fetches the smelling salts.

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