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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
(12:19 PM) | Stephen:
Iglesias is a Mensch

David Iglesias, the New Mexico USA that was fired for alleged failure to prosecute voter fraud cases, has a piece in todays New York Times. In it he makes some points that are worth remembering as the attorneygate scandal or whatever it's called develops.

The first is that he is a Republican. This is key, because Bush wants everyone to think that this is a case of Democrats trying to "get him" or something. David Iglesias is a Republican who was described, in DoJ documents, as "a diverse up and comer," surely a great asset for the GOP as it tries to reach out to the fastest growing demographic in America.

Unfortunately for Pete Domenici, Heather Wilson and everyone else involved in this, David Iglesias is also a man who takes his job seriously, who is concerned with personal and professional integrity. He was pressured to prosecute unfounded cases against Democrats, sacrificing his record and dirtying himself in order to score political points to help a GOP Representative in an election.

He refused, he pushed back, and he lost his job. It's that simple. We should all be impressed that he's willing to speak out about this.

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