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Friday, March 09, 2007
(2:53 PM) | Stephen:

This is bun dae gi. The picture was taken, by me, in my kitchen.

Why yes, I do have ugly counters. Thanks for noticing!

What you see in the picture are silkworms. Canned silkworms. For eating.

In Korea, people sell these on the street, usually steaming as a big, foul smelling mess in a pot. Not only do people sell these, but other people buy them. I've seen it happen many times.

Then they eat them.

I've eaten a lot of different things. Some things I never really found out what it was. But even I have limits. These limits are before silkworms get listed on the menu.

Here's a shot of the back of the can. It has an English nutrition label, because it was imported to the United States. See, people not only buy them in Korea where they are, um, fresh, but will buy them here in cans in order to satisfy their hunger for, again, silkworms.

I believe they put an extra "0" after the 8 for fiber grams. But even just 8 grams of fiber is pretty good. Not much else to them, though. Did you notice that the label calls them "fish bait?" Perhaps some people use them as fish bait, but I really have seen people eat these.

I like how they have some onion powder and ginger. Because if they're not properly seasoned, they just don't taste good at all.

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