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Monday, April 23, 2007
(1:33 PM) | Stephen:
Guess Who Is Exploiting The Shootings At VA Tech

It's not NBC, folks. Nope, that honor goes to Don Wildman and his American Family Association, who want to sell you this video:

See, Cho Seung-Hui wasn't spanked, apparently. Never mind that he was 9 years old when they moved to the USA, and in South Korea corporal punishment in school can mean a backhand across the face as much as a smack on the rear end. I'd say that Cho got spanked in school at least until he was in 4th grade. I have no idea what his parents' views on the subject are.

But aside from the obsession with hitting children that we find in groups like the AFA, what really gets me is this idea that "God isn't allowed in schools." That is a lie. An outright fabrication, an intentional deception in order to make people afraid so they will open up their wallets. I can tell you that God most certainly is present in our public schools, in the person of every teacher and student who believes in God. For that matter, actual Christian theology teaches that God would be in the public schools even if there was some rule forbidding him or if every teacher and student was an Atheist. How small and sad this god of the American Family Association. How totally unrelated to the God we find in the Bible.

After blaming Madeline Murray O'Hare, again, for all of this, as well as Benjamin Spock, the video goes on to mention, and I quote, "someone [who] said, 'teachers and principles better not discipline our children when they misbehave.'" Oh, look, another lie. At least with O'Hare and Spock they have actual people who said actual things. But this is just made up, another imaginary boogeyman for the AFA to attack, the very definition of a strawman argument. No one ever said that, and if "someone" did, the schools wouldn't listen. Making it so that teachers are unable to hit children is not the same as making it so there is no discipline in schools.

On to abortions. "Let's let our daughters have abortions if they want." Yes, we'll just let all these girls who really, really want to undergo a surgical procedure go ahead and run down to the 24-hour abortion drive-thru clinic. What kind of world do these people inhabit that they think girls want to have abortions?

Also, did you notice how they blame Bill Clinton for child pornography on the Internet? That's great, just great. And of course the AFA has made up a constituency for the idea that child pornography is "free speech" even though no such group exists, even though all child pornography is illegal.

Next up on their litany of horrors, "the entertainment industry said, 'Let's make movies and TV shows that promote profanity, violence, and illicit sex," and all the states of the Bible Belt said, "let's watch those shows and ensure those movies' profitability while we hypocritically condemn their content."

On one point, though, we can agree. The video ends with "we reap what we sow." How true. So long as groups like the AFA sow hate, fear and discord, then so long will all of us be forced to reap their bitter harvest.

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