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Friday, April 20, 2007
(10:26 AM) | Stephen:
Not All Protectionism Is Bad

Read this post by litbrit. Do it! Do it now!

Our pet food has been intentionally poisoned by Chinese suppliers in order to boost their profits. Now we have seen the poison melamine enter the human food supply as well.

Billions of our tax dollars are spent every year to subsidize our nation's farmers. I understand that there's a lot of problems with that process, and that rich landowners and corporations are getting subsidies they don't need. However, there are many farmers who support their families only because of federal subsidies. We're paying people to not work part of their land, while American companies are importing poisoned food from other countries. We think we're getting good prices for our pet food and, it appears now, our pork products. But we're paying far more than we think. We're using our tax dollars to support hardworking families, and increasingly we're watching our pets get sick and die because of the unrelenting focus upon corporate profits, profits, profits.

Will we need to watch our own families get sick and die over this before we take action to stop this deplorable practice? American wheat in American food, people. It's safe, it's way more environmentally sound (we don't use chemicals other countries do), and it allows our fellow citizens the dignity of work over welfare. I'm not some xenophobe or something. But American farmers can provide this product better and we can put our tax dollars to better use than farm subsidies. This isn't a "liberal" or "conservative" thing. And it's not anti-Chinese - though it is anti-Chinese companies that poison food for profits.

I've written my newspaper, my Senators and my Representative. I suggest you do the same.

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