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Friday, April 13, 2007
(10:21 AM) | Stephen:
Nature Is Wonderful - And Scary

There is a 900 kilogram bull elephant seal that has taken up residence where the Russian River in Northern California empties into the Pacific. The locals have nicknamed him "Nibbles," which was before he tried to eat a bulldog and developed a taste for surfer. His nickname is now probably more like "Oh-God-what-is-that-why-is-its-mouth-open-and-he's-swimming-toward-me!"

The article quotes Brian Horn, who is a California State Parks lifeguard, as saying that Nibbles is probably living alone because he is too small to compete for females in the elephant seal colonies. See, adult bull elephant seals can grow up to four meters - 13 feet - and 2,000 kilograms - 4,400 pounds. 4,400 pounds and 13 feet long. For a visual, here's a picture of a display at the Channel Islands National Park that has a life-sized replica of an adult bull elephant seal.

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