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Thursday, May 24, 2007
(11:50 AM) | Stephen:

My dad and his wife have been in town for a few days. It was the first time for them to see our present house. It was fun; I don't get to see my family enough since we live so far from all of them.

So I've not been on the computer as much lately, or even reading the newspapers as much. And now I see that the Dems have completely caved to Bush, apparently because they felt like they would be open to too much criticism from the WH over the Memorial Day weekend.

Yeah, can't have that. I mean, gee, having President Cowboy blast the Democrats for being unserious while he clears even more brush on his "ranch" would just be terrible. For that matter, God forbid they just skip the damned vacation. There's millions of Americans who don't get paid holidays anyway, so it would be a chance to see what life is like for regular Americans.

And I just read that Commander CooCoo Bananas has signed an Executive Order that in the event of a catastrophic emergency will put him personally in charge of the entire apparatus of the Federal Government, specifically mentioning the Legislative and Judicial branches. Even WorldNet Daily is upset at this.

I'm behind on a project I'm working on, and I'm tired. And above it all, I'm just sick of seeing all this bullshit coming out of Washington all the fucking time. I'm tired of having Pelosi, Reid and Co. string me along with good actions only to disappoint me again. I'm tired of reading something like "we don't want to give the GOP an opening to attack us," because what that's really saying is, "we're continuing to waste money listening to shitheads like James Carville and Bob Shrum, and they told us to be afraid of the big bad GOP." If the Republicans are going to accuse you of being soft on terrorism, or weak on defense, or wishy-washy and without a clear direction, there's not actually any obligation to make it true.

So, see you tomorrow. I'll find some funny stuff, I hope, to post for Friday. And maybe later I'll be more in the mood for insightful commentary.

Till then, go do something nice for someone, and then say to yourself, "There. Not everyone is an asshole."

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