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Friday, May 18, 2007
(5:23 PM) | Stephen:
Impeach Bush

I normally don't pay much attention to the knuckle-draggers who populate the message board at the Free Republic website. But they have erupted in fury at George Bush over the compromise immigration bill, and it is hilarious:
We still have Tancredo, Hunter and Fred Thompson on our side. This bill wont go anywhere when our representatives start receiving our faxes.
Psst! Don't tell them that Fred Thompson isn't in Congress anymore, and only pretends that he's a District Attorney.
My husband just recently retired and we where planning on going back to Texas but we are now seriously considering Australia. It looks better and better each minute. Our kids want to leave also !!! And you are right, we have been betrayed.
Is that irony? I think it's irony. Some people have really strict guidelines for what qualifies and what doesn't, but I think this one does. Maybe sam k will let us know in comments.

I pray he gets IMPEACHED. This is a dark day in America. . . .The rule of law has just been thrown out the window. I agree that impeachment is in order

I wonder if these guys will get lectured by members of their own party about how intemperate these calls for impeachment are, and whether David Broder will decry the vituperative nature of the rightwing blogosphere?
An thus the united States of America is being sold out by those that claim to love her. May they rot before they die. I see the end of my great nation, the shining star in a morass of mediocre to outright scum countries.
Well, this one isn't funny. But it is indicative of what Freepers are like.

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