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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
(9:36 PM) | Stephen:
Susan Stanton Is Moving Forward

I think I'm actually scooping litbrit with this! It's 8:37pm Central right now.

Susan Stanton is one of six finalists for the position of city manager for Sarasota, Florida. Normally, this wouldn't be interesting to me, but Susan Stanton used to be Steve Stanton, who was fired from his position as city manager for Largo, Florida, when he announced his intention to transition from a man into a woman.

I think it's a good sign that she is moving forward with her career; Steve Stanton was universally hailed as an excellent city manager; Susan Stanton will not only have all the same qualities but will also, I would think, be free of quite a bit of tension and for that reason might do an even better job.

Largo had the chance to do the right thing and stand by an employee, and they failed. Sarasota has a chance to hire a person who is probably the best city manager candidate they can find. Let's hope they don't let idiotic prejudice get in the way of a good personnel decision.

As an aside, why did the article persist in referring to Susan Stanton as "he?" Susan is a woman, and even if she wasn't one physiologically - I'm pretty sure she is - it's just common courtesy to refer to her with the pronoun that she has chosen. Sheesh.

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