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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
(11:22 AM) | Stephen:
Melamine Poisoning Update

Here's some more news on the melamine front, helpfully all put in one place by litbrit:
Put down that salmon fillet you were about to marinate for dinner: the FDA has just announced that an unspecified number of aquaculture facilities have fed melamine-spiked feed to fish, and it is unclear how many of the creatures are already on their way to America's kitchens and restaurants
As they say, you should go read the whole thing.

I'm sorely tempted to go on an extended rant here, but I've already covered all the ground that I can, at least for now. What's becoming clear to me is that we are in this situation because of people who value profit more than anything else, people in private corporations and governments both foreign and domestic. This is also a situation that could have been largely avoided and even now ameliorated by a better farm policy, something that I've looked into in the past and will soon revisit in light of the melamine crisis.

There is a way out of this, one that uses resources that we already spend, only poorly. I'll have something up by the weekend at the latest.

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