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Monday, June 18, 2007
(11:49 AM) | Stephen:
Paul Potts, Superstar

Not to get maudlin or anything, but the world isn't supposed to work this way. Indeed, most of the time the world works exactly how we're taught, exactly how things are set up: appearance matters over substance, connections matter more than talent or knowledge, and the dreams of the little are always kept as just that, dreams of the little people, something to keep them going, perhaps, but not anything that actually matters.

It's funny, too, to think that one of the best ways to subvert this system is reality television - especially one of the many talent contests associated with the prolific Simon Cowell. But Paul Potts, the insecure, unassuming, not-very-successful-or-popular cellphone salesman, has managed to upend the normal ways of doing business. He not only broke out of his own shell, but he managed to break through the layers and years of conditioning the public has received that entertainers must be beautiful and young.

And he did it with opera. No one likes opera anymore, least of all me. But I'm captivated by the man's voice, by his presence on stage, the way he is transformed from some guy to a towering Colossus who sings with power and grace. And his voice would not work for any other style of music.

Well done, Mr. Potts. I'm buying your CD.

Here's Paul Potts' final contest performance and when he won Britain's Got Talent. Great stuff:

via Shakes.

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