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Friday, July 13, 2007
(9:48 AM) | Stephen:
Phill Kline's Obsessions

Josh Rosenau is the source for today's Phill Kline follies, and there's really no way I can top his wonderful prose on the subject:

At the Johnson County District Attorney's Office Home Page, Phill Kline (the extra "l" is for loser) pimps a WingNutDaily column by local conspiracy theorist Jack Cashill (HT: KSDP Buffalo Blog). Kline's heading for the article is "WorldNetDaily coverage of Morrison / Tiller controversy," an accurate enough description which fails to establish why it belongs on a county-funded webpage. Tiller is an OB/GYN in Wichita who runs a family planning clinic, Morrison (then the Johnson County DA) beat Kline in last year's state Attorney General election.

Neither Morrison nor Tiller currently has anything to do with the JoCo DA's office, or any legal matters pending there. As Attorney General, Kline hounded Tiller constantly, but never managed to get any charges to stick. Tiller's clinic and a Planned Parenthood clinic both fought with Kline over access to medical records, a fishing expedition which ultimately backfired on Kline, helping to cost him the election. As a last act, he filed charges against Tiller for alleged improprieties regarding late-term abortions he performed. Those charges were dismissed.

"The extra 'l' is for 'loser.'" Ha! I understand that Phill Kline is a sad little man, but I wish there was someone in the Johnson County DA's office who would rein him in.

At the end of his post, Rosenau speculates on the possibility of Kline running against Nancy Boyda, the Democrat representing the 2nd District. Jim Ryun still considers that his seat from what I've heard, but even if that's not the case I suspect that Kline would be met at the border of that district with shotgun-wielding Republican committee members. Kline is electoral death, and the only one who doesn't seem to get that is Kline himself.

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