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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
(2:58 AM) | Stephen:
My Daughter

Today, the kids and I were listening to some music, like we often do. Good stuff for kids, like the White Stripes, Muse, Scissor Sisters, Etta James, Bright Eyes, Nina Simone. . .anyway, on some song the male singer went into falsetto for a while.

"He's singing like a girl!" said my daughter.

"No, he's just singing like that because they wanted high notes right then. All guys can do that, so it's not singing 'like a girl.'" And I demonstrated for her.

"No, Dad, that's singing like a girl. That's how girls sing."

"Look, boys can sing that way too. There isn't a 'girl's way' or 'boy's way' to sing. You know, you really don't need to accept all of our society's gender stereotypes."

"Well, I do."


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