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Sunday, July 15, 2007
(8:54 PM) | Stephen:
Terrorists Here Livin'

At Talking Points Memo, Steve Benen does an excellent job rebutting the claim that, thanks to Bush's actions and policies, the USA hasn't been the victim of any terrorist attacks since 9/11:
About a month after 9/11, someone sent weaponized anthrax to two Democratic senators and several news outlets. Five Americans were killed and 17 more suffered serious illnesses. If the administration has made any headway in bringing the terrorists to justice, it's been awfully quiet about it. . . .For that matter, while the U.S. has thankfully not suffered any major terrorist attacks since 2001, Kristol neglects to mention that terrorist attacks around the world have gone up every year since.
For that matter, since 9/11 several women's health clinics have been attacked in various ways. Terrorism is not something that only occurs when brown-colored Muslims are involved. Any act of violence designed to intimidate a group of people is rightfully called "terrorism."

As far as the weaponized anthrax, the last I heard was that it had come from the US's own stockpiles, supposedly under heavy guard. Then it's down the memory hole, never to be referenced again, unless some dirty blogger brings it up.

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