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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
(9:46 AM) | Stephen:

A few things for a cloudy Wednesday morning:

-The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. If you also spend your "days" wondering why "people" use such "weird" punctuation, you'll "love" this.

-Kansas City weather can often be terrible. The temperature range in any 12 month period is usually around 120 degrees F or more; once you add in wind chill and heat index it's way higher. I've been more comfortable with a month of 100F+ days in New Mexico than a week of 90F days in Kansas City because of the humidity. But there's usually a deal that's struck between the weather and us each August, which is that though it's blisteringly hot and swelteringly humid, there isn't too much rain, and so grass doesn't grow as much. Normally you only need to mow once during the entire month. But not this year. No, it's been raining. And I'm lucky enough to have grass that grows really well in extreme heat. So while most of my neighbors have delightfully mottled lawns with some greens and browns and in-betweens, both my front and back yards are luscious, thick, and luxuriant. But this last time, I fought back - hard. I set that mower way too low, and shocked the bejesus out of that stinking grass. Now my yard is as mottled as everyone else's, and I shouldn't have to mow for several weeks. Stupid grass.

-My brother-in-law just celebrated his 30th birthday, and we had his party at Jumpin' Catfish, one of Kansas City's treasures. It's an absolute meat orgy, the kind of place that I'd take litbrit to just to watch her squirm. My wife just hates the place, not because she won't eat meat, but because the walls are covered in the owner's hunting trophies - antler racks, heads, stuffed birds, fish, dead animals are everywhere in abundance. It's hilarious. My daughter always talks about the trophies, asking detailed questions, which I pretend to not hear so I can laugh at my wife's answers. The food isn't too bad, either. They've got catfish, of course, which I always get. And then there's shrimp, clams, pheasant, venison, walleye, quail, crabs, crawfish, and a bunch of other stuff. Seriously, it's awesome.

-Speaking of food, this is what my daughter had for supper the last two nights, by her own choice:

I have a cool kid.

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