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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
(1:52 PM) | Stephen:
Dumb Political Email

Just got this email from the Kansas GOP:

Happy Halloween everyone

To mark the occasion we, at the Kansas Republican Party, would like to talk about some things that scare us this Halloween.

Scary Taxes

Boyda voted to sustain the death tax. This equates to a $1,350,000,000,000 tax hike on the American people. Nearly 90 percent of small business owners favor the repeal of this tax. In spite of Ms. Boyda’s vote, Republicans in Congress are working hard to make sure that both small business owners and farmers, the people who this tax affects the most, get to keep more of their money. (Roll Call vote 959)

Not much has happened under the new “leadership” in Congress. But what has happened has been horrific…In just 10 months of control of Congress, Democrats have passed legislation to raise taxes on the American people to the tune of over $100 billion. This equals to an average of $10 billion in new taxes on the American people per month. (Link)

Daunting Earmarks

Ms. Boyda’s campaign promises are haunting her as a member of Congress…In her campaign Ms. Boyda promised, “The earmark process has been abused in the past. Members of Congress have set aside funds for programs that turned out to personally benefit them.”

However, when given the opportunity to support real earmark reform, she didn’t. In fact she said that she was “skeptical” about the earmark reform and thought it would “bog down the House.” We at the Kansas Republican Party are “skeptical” that Ms. Boyda will pass any meaningful legislation this year and are increasingly “afraid” that her liberal leanings will damage the 2nd District permanently.

Menacing Leadership

After promising an “independent leadership” Ms. Boyda has once again broken a campaign promise by asking Majority Leader Stony Hoyer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to come to Kansas and raise money for her. This is the same House Leadership that has led Congress to the lowest approval ratings in American history…now that is scary. ( Link)

As a reminder, Ms. Boyda stated that she wanted to run an “independent

campaign.” (CQ Politics, 2/19/07) Not surprisingly, similar to her ever-changing position on any number of issues, Ms. Boyda’s definition of “independence” seems to change too. So far, Ms. Boyda’s “independence” has resulted in:

All this adds up to a very scary Congresswoman and a frighteningly liberal voting record.

Scariest of all...

If Nancy Boyda wasn’t scary enough for you then a Hillary Clinton Presidency should make you quake in your shoes. Last night during the Democrat Presidential debate, Hilary Clinton showed us, once again, exactly why we don’t want a Democrat president.

During the debate when asked about her position on the trillion dollar tax hike, she said, “Rangel has suggested repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, which has proved a burden to some middle-class Americans...Clinton said she agreed with Rangel’s goal but did not like ‘all the details’ and declined to commit to a specific approach.” (Mark Z. Barabak and Peter Nicholas, “In Debate, Rivals Say Clinton Is Too Divisive,” Los Angeles Times, 10/31/07)

Not only that, but today, commentators across the board agree, Hillary is just another politician who doesn’t like to answer questions on the pressing issues facing the American people.

The Kansas Republican Party isn’t used to quoting the following “balanced” commentators, but their take on Hillary last night is striking…

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: "Hillary Clinton would not answer the Newsweek's Howard Fineman: "At the very end of the debate, she just came off like a politician who didn't want to answer the question." (MSNBC's "Hardball," 10/30/07)

Please forward this email to everyone you know – friends, family, co-workers, ghosts and goblins.

Have a happy Halloween, and remember that in a little over one year we will be deciding what kind of leaders we want in Washington and Topeka.

The Kansas Republican Party

I have yet to receive an email from them that isn't terminally lame, even stupid. They're clunky, ham-handed and of course full of intentional errors of fact. I'd be embarrassed if I was a Republican.

Unfortunately, that same moment the Edwards campaign decided to send this my way:
Guess I don't need to be a Republican to be embarrassed by stupid emails. Tying campaign literature to holidays is really, really dumb. "This Christmas, Candidate X just gave a big gift to [insert hated special interest group]!" All of them should have signs put up in their offices that say, "Don't be clever." FEMA holding a fake news conference with staffers posing as reporters was clever. Clever is always a bad thing.

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