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Monday, October 15, 2007
(1:14 PM) | Stephen:
Dumb Political Staffers

You'd think that the Chief of Staff for a US Representative would be able to contain his temper and deal with critics. You'd think that they would all develop a thick skin, and would just let questions go. That they would deal with protestors and other critics with courtesy, if firmly.

You'd especially think that if they were being recorded. But you'd be wrong:

Considering how differently the Congressman handled himself compared to his Chief of Staff, I'd say that Wisecup got his ass chewed over this. Don't these guys realize that if not for a guy catching ex-Senator George Allen on tape using a racial slur, Allen would not only still be a Senator but would also be the GOP front-runner for President? You never know what's going to catch on, what's going to grab people's attention.

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