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Monday, January 08, 2007
(9:12 AM) | Stephen:
Nancy Boyda's Podiatric Bullet Wound

Nancy Boyda, the newly elected Democratic Congresswoman from Kansas' 2nd district, is not making a good impression right now. She told ABC's Charles Gibson that if Bush wants a "surge" of troops, then he should get it because he's the CIC, it's his decision, it's not up to Congress to decide these things, so if there is a vote she will vote for it.

In a sense what she said is true. Bush is the Commander-in-Chief and can arrange US forces to his liking. However, if there is a vote that comes before Congress, then obviously the issue comes under Congressional authority. Rep. Boyda owes her constituents the effort of taking every vote seriously, of taking her job seriously.

I can't imagine why she would embarass herself like this. Not only does she show a profound ignorance of her responsibilities, her entire campaign for Congress was based upon how cozy Jim Ryun was with President Bush - and here she is on TV proclaiming the supreme authority of Bush to do whatever he wants with the US military, without question.

Now, Boyda is a Republican-turned-Democrat (rather a trend in Kansas right now) who won a pretty conservative district by 4 points. Obviously she can't be Barney Frank or Charles Rangel. But this can't do anything but hurt her even in her district. If these are her real views, someone needs to get hold of her and give her a course in American Governmental Basics. If this comes from some advisor - so numerous in Democratic circles - who told her this would actually strengthen her role, then that advisor should be fired.

At least Kansas politics is interesting now.

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