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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
(12:26 AM) | Stephen:
Steven Clemons is Cool

You may have seen in the comments to my last post that Steven Clemons did reply - and that he did so in a very forthright, gracious way.

Gov. Richardson is probably not having any affairs. Bully for him. But it does seem that he is engaging in puerile behavior for which I would severely punish my son. That a sitting Governor and presidential candidate would act in such a way is reprehensible.

So I will of course be contacting Gov. Richardson's campaign with my concerns. And I will, when the time comes, be letting my friends, family and even some former pastoral colleagues know my opinions on this and why their potential time, money and votes might be better spent on someone else.

Or Bill Richardson can grow up, make amends/apologize/categorically and with evidence deny, thereby proving that he is worthy of anyone's attention.

Note: Richardson only has an "exploratory committee." I used their "Our next president. . ." form to express my concerns. Anyone else can certainly do the same. He could be "our next president," if he will start to act as if he deserves it. This isn't the GOP, and he isn't a wingnut welfare case like George W. We need serious candidates, please.

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