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Sunday, March 18, 2007
(10:07 AM) | Stephen:
My New Favorite Photo

Part of an art exhibit at The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science in Tallahassee, Florida:

The exhibit also shows Confederate flags in the shape of a cross and with a voting machine. It's interesting that Florida has a law that forbids "public desecration" of the Confederate flag. This is especially interesting given that the American flag is protected by no such law.

Of course, certain people have issues with this display:

Robert Hurst, the leader of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans group, calls the display "tasteless and offensive," and demanded the museum remove it.

"That display is extremely offensive. It's very tasteless," Hurst said. "What they've told us, as Southerners, as sons of the Confederacy, is that it's okay to offend us.
Yeah, pretty much. Just like it's ok to offend neo-Nazis or the KKK or any other group that is organized around either the hatred of other skin colors and/or the celebration of a massive act of treason and organized murder of fellow citizens that is still the bloodiest conflict in American history. The reason for seceeding from the United States was slavery; the documents of the Confederate states make this completely clear. The only concern of theirs for "states rights" was that they retained the right to own slaves. If another state passed a law freeing slaves or allowing escaped slaves sanctuary within its borders, the southern states quickly condemned it and called for federal laws that overturned them. If a territory organized as a free state, the southern states demanded that the federal government require the next territory to allow slavery.

When what is not Texas was still part of Mexico, American settlers were invited in to claim homesteads and work the land. In the early part of the 19th century, Mexico, using democratic processes, adopted a truly progressive constitution, one part of which outlawed slavery. These American settlers, guests of the Mexican government and recipients of very generous homesteading policies, immediately took up arms and rebelled against the legitimate, democratically elected government. That is the history behind the battle at the Alamo. That their act of sedition was ultimately successful was surely on the minds of the assorted traitors that gathered in the various southern states that initiated a bloody war against their fellow citizens.

The American Revolution was fought because of a complete lack of representation in England's political processes, not because the Colonies were unable to bend the rest of Britain to their wishes. That's the key difference between the two wars, and it shows why the USA as a whole has been able to mend its relationship England quite nicely and why the southern states are still stamping their feet and petulantly demanding that the rest of the country kowtow to their wishes.

Once again, I would like to publicly thank my Great-great-great-great-granddad. When the Civil War was over, he had the good sense to leave his plantation in Tennesee and move west, setting in motion a chain of events that allowed me to grow up in a state that did not exist until 1912, and that did not see the need to inflict biased and unfounded propaganda about "states rights" and Northern aggression" upon its students.

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