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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
(11:26 AM) | Stephen:
Abortion, Again

Via Shakes, this is why abortion is not, cannot be a black-and-white issue. DBB shares with us an intensely personal story about he and his wife losing their baby at 10 weeks, in a serious enough situation that his wife almost died as well. There had been problems with their pregnancy from the beginning, and they had chosen to stick with it, so this is not some screed written by a pro-choice maniac.

The government simply cannot legislate for these situations. Only a profoundly deluded person could believe that a group of legislators, backed up by nine lawyers, can take into account the myriad of circumstances in which people find themselves. Would you have deprived their 17-month-old daughter her own mother for the sake of your pro-life stance? Is forcing the doctors to wait until there was conclusive proof of the mother's life being in danger, thereby sentencing some women to death, actually a pro-life position?

If you want to argue that some lives are more valuable than others, then let's argue that. But no one should be able to stake out for themselves the "pro-life" position when their legislative goals will result in deaths.

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