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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
(12:54 AM) | Stephen:
Guess What?

I still believe in total equality for women. Looks like the denial-of-service attack on Shakesville really isn't going to change anyone's mind.

My understanding, from reading the various blog reactions and such, is that Shakesville's intrepid crew is purposefully using this time to apply safeguards against future DOS attacks. That's wise; in the past when DailyKos and Pandagon have been under fire it's always seemed like they put the site back up too early and end up having to do more work in the long run.

It should be back soon, and you can expect it to come roaring back into existence. And not one of the contributors will have changed his or her mind about the basic dignity of every human being, no matter their gender or any other characteristic - even extending that to the idiots who have launched this attack.

That's going to be frustrating for the poor guys, isn't it?

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