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Friday, June 22, 2007
(2:21 PM) | Stephen:
They Can't Win This

In comments, Mustang Bobby brought up Shakesville and expressed his certainty that it will come back. He also made a bad pun, but I'll forgive him.

Right now Shakesville is in the middle of a Denial Of Service - DOS - attack. Some jerks have started sending so much data at the server, and requesting so much, etc. that the server can't handle the load. If I remember correctly, DOS attacks can eat up bandwidth, which can be really expensive.

It's just another day for a website run by a woman who doesn't use her platform to attack other women, or to reinforce stereotypes, or parrot patriarchal talking points. The point of the attack is to make Melissa and her co-bloggers feel violated, as if they were on the receiving end of an assault. It's all about power, about impotent men who lash out from their own inadequacies and insecurities.

It might make them feel a little better about themselves, at least for a little while. Sooner or later the attack ends, the server gets beefed up or some other thing happens. They won't be able to silence Shakesville, or Pandagon, or Pam's House Blend or any of millions of other websites, magazines, books, and most importantly people who have decided that having 50% of the population of the world oppressed, beaten, raped, killed, dismissed and rejected just doesn't make sense anymore.

The guys behind this DOS attack will find that their "high" wasn't all that good, that it wasn't much of a triumph. Unfortunately for them this will ultimately result in just more feelings of impotence. Let's hope they keep it online and don't branch out into the real world, because let's face it, it's the same type of thinking that leads one to launch a DOS attack that leads another inside a bedroom window.

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