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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
(1:54 PM) | Stephen:
Phill Kline Is A Jerk, Part Infinity

Last Sunday the Abortion Recovery Clinic opened in Topeka, "a resource for women who are dealing with psychological, social or spiritual issues as a result of an abortion." It "offers a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment where women can participate in professional counseling, bible studies, support groups and more." Kay Lyn Carlson, the director, "shared her testimony with supporters of the center. 'It's an important resource because there are millions out there who have suffered the same way I have suffered from the detrimental effects of abortion, and we need this service to help with healing.'"

The above quotes are not from a press release, even though it certainly reads like one - especially the use of the word "testimony" in the body of the article itself. No, it's an apparent news article from WIBW, Topeka's CBS station.

There's not much I can add, except frustration that some "clinic" with nary a reference to any actual medical professional on staff and offering bible studies as part of their services to heal the supposed scars of abortion can have a story like this put on the CBS News with no mention that some people might consider this a bad idea.

Maybe Planned Parenthood could open an Abortion Recovery Clinic Recovery Clinic offering real help for the very real problems that this ARC is going to cause.

Oh, and as far as the headline goes, Phill Kline, the guy not obsessed with abortion, was on hand to speak at it. At least this time when he went traipsing around the state to not obsess over abortion he did it on a weekend.

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