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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
(10:32 AM) | Stephen:
Painfully Obvious

AP/Ipsos just released the numbers for a new poll on the GOP primary field. Giuliani gets 21%, Fred Thompson 19% and John McCain 15%. The interesting news out of the poll is that "Don't Know/Not Sure" gets 15%, "Other" gets 8% and "None" gets 2%. What this means is that 25% of Republican voters are either completely undecided or want someone else.

By contrast, only 13% of Democrats can be characterized the same way. Hillary Clinton has almost 3 times that amount of support. On the GOP side, Giuliani actually comes in second to those numbers.

It might be a bit off-putting to have your friendly neighborhood blogger get all arrogant and uppity, but seriously folks, the bird poo on my car's windshield saw this coming. Now, it could be that Giuliani or Thompson gets the nomination. If no one like Hagel swoops in to steal the show, that's probably what will happen. But the primary will be a lackluster affair, with huge numbers of Republicans just not bothering to show up. The Republican National Convention would be interesting to watch as the party faithful works feverishly to fool the rest of us that they actually care and are excited about a pro-choice, philandering, gay-friendly Giuliani on the top of the ticket, or a career lobbyist turned 1-term Senator and minor actor.

And there is no way, no way in hell that either Giuliani or Thompson could win the general election. Republicans don't like these guys; why should anyone else? The only thing funnier than the sad state of the GOP's Presidential candidates is the moaning and weeping among Democrats - usually in comments to blog posts but also in conversations in the real world - about how formidable either one of those clowns would be, how the Democrats would certainly lose to Giuliani's um, charms, or Thompson's ability to channel Ronald Reagan - certainly he channels Reagan's acting ability, but none of the stuff that voters like.

The way things are going, next year is going to be a hoot.

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