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Monday, September 10, 2007
(1:07 PM) | Stephen:
Impeach Bush NOW

General Petraeus is due to recite the White House-written "report" on the situation in Iraq. You can look elsewhere for all the ways in which statistics from Iraq have been suppressed, misreported, twisted, distorted and basically tortured so that the human filth and garbage in the White House, Pentagon, Capital Hill and our Very Serious People of the Media can all salve their bruised egos.

None of that really matters. That General Petraeus is going to read a report he has had nothing to do with doesn't matter. That jerks like Joe Lieberman, David Broder, every GOP politician and unfortunately most of the Democrats will bloviate endlessly on America's "duty" in Iraq and blah blah blah doesn't matter.

This is what matters. This video shows how no one has less regard for American soldiers and their families than George Bush. This video shows the all-too-real human cost of this war - this war sold to us with lies and threats, this war which creates and trains the very terrorists that George Bush and his enablers use to justify our loss of civil rights and the deaths of thousands of American troops, thousands of American civilians in Iraq and many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis.

I happen to believe that this soldier's life, and those of his fellow soldiers and their families, are worth far more than keeping the Vain Old Men of Washington, DC happy. Remember that every soldier sent to Iraq is someone's father, son, mother, sister, daughter. Every single one of them. Every Iraqi civilian killed is someone's son, daughter, mother and father.

What's happening in Iraq isn't about numbers or statistics, it isn't about IEDs or suicide bombs. It's about men and women put into impossible situations, put into living hells because of the mendacity, the greed and vanity of a small group of men in women in Washington, DC, who have never been in danger in all their lives and will never be in any danger.

Each day that George Bush and his accomplices are allowed to walk free is a crime against the world.

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