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Friday, January 19, 2007
(1:52 PM) | Stephen:
Edwards Must Scare the GOP

Because John Solomon is at it again:

When former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards finally succeeded last month in selling his imposing Georgetown mansion for $5.2 million after it had languished on the market, the names of the buyers were not publicly disclosed.

At the time, Edwards's spokeswoman told reporters that the house had been sold to an unidentified corporation. In reality, the buyers were Paul and Terry Klaassen, according to several sources and confirmed by Edwards's spokeswoman yesterday. . .

[T]he Klaassens are currently cooperating with a government inquiry in connection with accounting practices and stock options exercised by them and other company insiders. They are also the focus of legal complaints by some of the same labor unions whose support Edwards has been assiduously courting for his presidential bid.

That's right, folks. John Edwards sold his house to some people who are under investigation. Well, they're cooperating with an investigation. But still. And, it's very important to note that "the Edwardses paid $3.8 million in 2002 for the six-bedroom Federal-style house once owned by socialite Polly Fritchey, and they did substantial renovations. The final sale price was half a million dollars below the asking price but still $1.4 million more than the Edwardses paid four years earlier."

Obviously something sleazy is going on. I mean, how could a Georgetown "mansion" bought in 2002 and "substantially renovated" possibly be worth $1.4 million more after four years?

The Solomon goes on to mention how Edwards and his people "didn't delve into the Klaassen's background." Really? Wow. I wonder if Solomon has just never bought or sold a house or if he's being intentionally deceptive here by making this sound unusual. Most people are not interested in knowing the details about either the person selling the house or the person buying it. I would imagine this to be especially true among people with some measure of fame.

Anyway, here's a preview of Solomon's next articles:

Crime Committed on Same Street Hillary Clinton Used to go to the Airport.

Tom Vilsack Once Bought a Hamburger at a McDonald's, and the Dude Behind the Counter Smokes Pot on the Weekends.

Barack Obama's Middle Name is "Hussein." Oh, wait, that one's already being done.

What really gets me is that in 18 months, some hack will be on TV saying,
"Well, here is this guy, Edwards, running for President, and you know, he's a trial lawyer. He's running around, suing corporations left and right for the mistakes people make. And, and, you know, he just, I mean, he sold his house to Paul and Terry Klaassen - I mean, these people were under investigation by the SEC and they bought Edwards house for a couple million more than he paid for it, you know? And, I just wonder if, if the people in the unions, they're being told to support Edwards, you know, I wonder if they know what kind of people the Klaassens are?"

And no one, no one will call the hack out on it. In fact, the hack can point out how he's not dredging up obscure facts, there was a story about it at the time, but true to form most of the "MSM" just didn't want anything to do with it. Never mind that it's all crap.

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