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Sunday, January 14, 2007
(8:17 PM) | Stephen:
Marty is an Idiot

Marty Schottenheimer should be fired tonight. God I hate his guts.

Stupid incompetent playoff-losing fool.

Update: I had put that up, in a larger font and in bold, because I was angry, actually angry that the San Diego Chargers lost to the Patriots. And I, like everyone else, correctly blame Marty Schottenheimer for this, because he is one of the best regular season coaches in the NFL - ever - and the worst playoff coach in the NFL.

But how weird is it that this would make me mad? I haven't lived in San Diego since 1995. I doubt very many of the players live in San Diego during the off season; Donnie Edwards is the only local boy left now that Junior Seau is gone. Same with the Pats, I suspect. This was a game played by two groups of men assembled from all over the United States, enticed to play for "San Diego" or "New England" solely by paychecks and contracts, and then the residents of those areas - or former residents - assign to them the task of upholding their geographic honor.

The whole thing is fascinating, really. I imagine that several Ph.D dissertations could be written - if they haven't already - about the psychology of geographic loyalty and our ability to invest so much meaning into the meaningless.

But I've got to tell you, Marty Schottenheimer needs to be fired, immediately. I hate his stinking guts.

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