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Monday, February 12, 2007
(9:59 AM) | Stephen:
Bill Richardson in Sudan

Ok, so I've been reading a bit more, and must unfortunately point out that I misunderstood some of what has been going on with Governor Richardson over there.

He was last in Darfur in January, and was able to secure cease-fire agreements from Pres. al Bashir and the 3 rebel groups. However, one of the rebel groups immediately reneged on the agreement, which of course screwed the whole thing up.

The main point is that Richardson is actually there, actually working with people and making things happen. He could be the most skilled diplomat in the USA today - which is why there's been some blog talk about him being a good choice for Secretary of State. Certainly he has the best resume for a presidential candidate since, well, I'm not sure who could boast a better or even comparable resume. Plus he has a very easygoing, personable way about him. He's almost folksy, but not like faux-cowboy, slightly retarded George W. image.

In a few months he's really going to make Edwards, Obama and Clinton miserable.

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