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Thursday, April 12, 2007
(9:47 AM) | Stephen:
Phill Kline Plays To Form

Mr. Kline is at it again. He just can't keep his mitts off people's medical records, this time declaring that hospital staff are required to draw blood to test for possible intoxication even if the patient doesn't want it to happen. Thing is, federal law is pretty clear on a person's right to refuse medical treatment, never mind the laws which protect their privacy.

Kline could get warrants, but he knows from experience that it's difficult to get warrants for fishing expeditions. What Kline doesn't understand is that being a prosecutor means working within the law to get his job done. Just because he thinks that someone has committed a crime doesn't mean they actually have. The law, he keeps forgetting, presumes innocence, and innocent people have certain rights. As terrible a lawyer as Kline is, he is at least good for consistently showing why we have laws delineating just what a prosecutor is allowed to do.

What an embarrassment. At this point, I'd be willing for my tax dollars to pay him to just stay home for 2 years.

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