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Thursday, June 28, 2007
(2:50 PM) | Stephen:
Bill Clinton Is Well-Liked

Atrios just posted this:
Bill Clinton Factor: Campaign Asset or Liability?

Only to the Drudge-addled brains of our elite press corps would this question even occur. It is, by the way, the topic of tonight's exciting installment of THE SITUATION ROOM with WOLF BLITZER.

Bill Clinton is probably the most popular man in the country. The 90s were a period of growth, optimism, wage growth across the board, declining unemployment and declining poverty. America got its groove back.

Like the guy or not, the idea that he'd be anything but an asset for Hillary Clinton is absurd.
That's about right, and it's becoming more true every day. My only disagreement is that I would say the most popular man in the country, or at least the most popular politician, is Al Gore.

History has already vindicated both of them, and will only continue to do so. Likewise for George Bush: nothing he does can change the fact that he is the worst President this nation has ever had. He will become the gold standard for utter failure to A)uphold and defend the Constitution and B)accomplish one's goals while in office.

Unlike Reagan, Oliver North and even Nixon, no amount of spinning, hagiography or revisionist history will ever change this about him. In fact, once we're finally rid of him I'm not sure there will be very many who will want to try.

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