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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
(12:21 PM) | Stephen:
Users Who Bought This Book Also Bought Duke Nukem Forever

I see that Jonah Goldberg has changed the title of his book version of vaporware, to Liberal Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation From Hegel To Whole Foods.

HA HA! That's clever, that title is. I guess only liberals want great tasting food and amazing variety when they go to the grocery store.

Here's the great thinker in action:

I am a conservative.

I spend my day writing inane columns and asking my readers to do all my research for me, torturing Simpson's references while complaining that writing a book is hard.

I don't shop at Whole Foods because they don't carry Twinkies, Cheez Whiz and Natty Light.

Therefore, Whole Foods is a liberal plot to destroy our way of life.

My editor says that there's already 5,000 books about Hillary Clinton. Maybe I'll go after Whole Foods, since all conservatives hate that store. They don't even have Twinkies! Hegel; Whole Foods. Heh. Alliteration. That's good.

Alli-teration. Alli. I bet I could eat even more Twinkies with Cheez Whiz if I took that stuff! I bet Hitler hated Twinkies. Hey! I can make that my first chapter: "Hitler hated Twinkies, Whole Food hates Twinkies, and Hillary hates Twinkies." Heh. More alliteration. Gold, baby!

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