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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
(3:10 PM) | Stephen:
Simple Truths

We are not going to leave Iraq so long as George Bush is President.

Dick Cheney is not going to resign.

George Bush is not going to fire Dick Cheney.

The GOP has absolutely no interest in standing up to either George Bush or Dick Cheney.

Silly stories in the WaPo or other news outlets about a possible "coup" organized by GOP politicians to get rid of Cheney in order to improve their image and give one of their candidates a veneer of incumbancy are just that: silly. They're leaked out there in order to make people think that the GOP leadership, from the White House to Congress to the RNC, actually give a damn what anyone thinks. They don't.

They're not even trying to come up with presidential candidates that will actually appeal to rank-and-file GOPers. McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Thompson - each one of these guys couldn't care less about the issues that motivate the base of the GOP, and their campaigns are built entirely around deceiving regular Republicans about it.

They don't care about any of us. That's the key thing to keep in mind about these people.

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