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Monday, July 02, 2007
(6:11 PM) | Stephen:
Oh For Pete's Sake

Aside from providing further evidence that wingnut welfare involves more than just cushy jobs for every disgraced and/or convicted GOP lackey, Bush commuting Scooter Libby's sentence is going to result in a DC media corps orgasm.

That's the worst part of it, that we now are going to be forced to listen to and read literally hundreds of DC media and politicians waxing poetic about Libby's truthfulness, how good he is with children and how their hero (again) George Bush, stalwart Defender of Truth against those meanie grand juries and poopyhead judges, recognized Libby's angelic character and goodness.

Libbey was charged with THE EXACT SAME THING AS BILL CLINTON, you amoral, hypocritical assholes!@! Lying under oath during a federal investigation, even if it's not technically part of the investigation, is supposed to be the worst offense a person could ever commit. All the self-righteous, smug, power-hungry, disconnected, elitist assholes who have been moaning and groaning their eternal love for Scooter Libby and his delightful way with children - not only his! but others too! - were the exact same people who screamed and stomped and yelled and pushed and declared the end of the world if Bill Clinton was not impeached, impeached I tell you! and declared guilty, removed from office in disgrace, never to sully the fine, fine reputation of that town again.

And Libby's actions in this - and Rove's, and Cheney's of course - blew a completely unknown number of operations, agents and US intelligence sources around the world. They purposefully sabotaged work on goddamned nuclear proliferation in order to get back at a guy who told the truth about them.

If I picked up a book in which a group of people was portrayed as being so completely opposite what human morality and basic ethics dictate, I would toss the book in the trash for being so ludicrously written. Yet here we are, looking at this sorry spectacle, and it's real.

When I was in seminary, one of my jobs was to drive, as needed, minivans between the Kansas City airport and either the denomination headquarters or people's homes. There was a big church meeting scheduled in Manila, and for some reason almost every headquarters honcho was scheduled for the same flight. I was taking two old churchmen to the airport, and they were joking about how everyone was on the same airplane. One said, "can you imagine what would happen if that plane crashed?" The other replied, "yeah, the church would probably have a revival."

Draw your own damn conclusions.

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