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Friday, June 29, 2007
(12:42 AM) | Stephen:
It's Not Easy Being A Political Sideshow Freak

Ann Coulter lost it on MSNBC today. She has stated her desire that the building of the NYT had been destroyed, that John Edwards would be assassinated by a terrorist, that we would kill all Arab leaders and forcibly convert the populations of all Arab nations to Christianity. She has said that liberals are traitors and has advocated violence against Democrats time and time again.

Elizabeth Edwards called into a show with Coulter and asked - asked - her to stop accusing John Edwards of exploiting his own son's death and to stop wishing for John's assassination. This causes Coulter to call into Scarborough's show and pretty much lose control of her emotions while defensively pointing out the number of NYT bestsellers she's had - yes, the same New York Times she supposedly wants destroyed.

It's not really about Elizabeth Edwards or anybody being mean to Coulter. It's that people used to listen to Coulter because of her supposed views and opinions, because when you looked past her delightfully colorful word choices, she really had something to say. No one does that anymore. Coulter has turned into a sideshow act, a freak brought on to say outrageous things so people will get upset and will pay attention, bringing a temporary spike in ratings.

But Coulter has been in this game a long time, and she knows as well as anyone that sideshow freaks don't have staying power. But this is the only act she knows, and so she's going to milk it for all it's worth.

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