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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
(2:23 PM) | Stephen:
Japanese Food Is AWESOME

I really don't have anything against Japan, the Japanese people or individual Japanese. Seriously, I don't. And I try very hard to respect other cultures and the different ways we all do things - in fact, I tend to celebrate these differences because they make life interesting.

But Japan has a problem with food. Oh, not actual Japanese cuisine which, with the exception of natto and a few other items, is incredibly refined and impressive. No, Japan has a problem with Western food. It's not enough, apparently, to just import some foods from the West, to have McDonalds and to start eating cheese.

No, the Japanese people apparently think that they need to do stuff like this:

That, my friends, is a Salty Dog. It's a simple cocktail of vodka (or gin) and grapefruit juice and a salted rim. But that's not salt, is it? No, on the above "cocktail" the rim is covered in mayonnaise. It's one of the, er, delightful and whimsical menu items at the "Mayonnaise Kitchen" in Tokyo.

Mayonnaise by itself is of course an unqualified evil no matter the culinary setting. But the people fueling its popularity and resultant "creativity" with the foul condiment in Japan are dancing on the knife edge of the Apocalypse, and the rest of us are in danger of falling with them. They must be stopped.

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