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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
(10:50 PM) | Stephen:
It's About Time

We finally managed to get some real journalists on Phill Kline's case regarding the time he spends out of the office and where exactly he lives. Kudos to KCTV5, Kansas City's CBS station, for investigating when Kline actually shows up for his job as Johnson County, KS, District Attorney and when he doesn't. They also apparently staked out the apartment Kline is renting for $400/month down in Stilwell, KS from some of his ardent supporters.

Kline makes $143,000 a year and has kids, and we're supposed to believe that this family chooses to still live in an upstairs apartment at a storage facility in Stilwell, KS, almost a year after getting installed at Johnson County DA.

It's been blatantly obvious to everyone that Kline signed a quickie deal with a pair of his followers right before the election in order to secure eligibility for the vote and has never intended on living there. It'd be fun to get a peek inside that apartment to see if there is anything at all inside.

You can get all these details and more at the link. It's all just a big "DUH" to me. I will say that I've long thought that Kline never had any intention of doing the Johnson County DA gig long-term, but the fact that he's a vindictive son of a bitch managed to overcome his limitless ambition, so he took the job as a way to get back at all those Johnson County voters that wanted to be rid of him.

I also suspect that certain senior members of the DA's office have been willing to keep silent over Kline's absences and obvious heavy involvement in abortion politics because they know that he isn't really a lawyer and would be a disaster in the courtroom. If this investigation causes Kline to start actually running the DA's office, we're in trouble around here.

If I'm right about an arrangement, then it might be best to just continue paying the guy to stay away from Johnson County as much as possible. Further, since Kline is already the DA and has managed to not completely destroy the office so far, I wouldn't mind it too much if he were still around next November to remind everyone in Johnson County that it was the Republicans who foisted this loser on us for another two years.

If he does resign - don't count on it - or is removed - slightly more likely - from office, then perhaps this time around more than half the GOP Precinct Leaders can be bothered to show up for the vote instead of just handing their proxies to their friends. Of course, they might just view this as a liberal media hit job and put some other dangerously right-wing schmuck in office.

Man, January 2009 is going to be a good month on so many levels.

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